Welcome to the ETI-MBMC

The Emerging Technologies Initiative for Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications, abbreviated as ETI-MBMC, is an Emerging Technologies Initiative (ETI) (formally Emerging Technical Subcommittee) of the IEEE ComSoc Emerging Technologies Committee (ETC).

The ETI-MBMC aims to foster the emerging area of molecular, biological and multi-scale communications by providing its members with a forum to conduct technical discussions and interactions. ETI-MBMC members come from diverse disciplines, including those within the traditional IEEE ComSoc and those that are typically considered outside the IEEE ComSoc, such as those in molecular and cell biology, biological engineering, and medicine. In order to fulfill the objective, the ETI-MBMC organizes special sessions and tutorials in leading conferences. The ETI-MBMC also organizes special journal issues and holds dedicated topical meetings, symposia, workshops and other events to identify innovative research issues and facilitate collaboration among its members. The ETI-MBMC works closely with relevant societies within and outside IEEE. The ETI-MBMC also coordinates with the IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological, Multiscale Communications (T-MBMC) and helps its editorial activities. The ETI-MBMC also coordinates with the IEEE Standards Association Working Group on Nanoscale and Molecular Communications to transfer technologies developed in the community to industry.

Topics of interest

The ETI-MBMC’s technical interests include but not limited to the following:

  • Signal processing techniques for MBMC
  • Information theory and coding theory for MBMC
  • Communication protocols for MBMC
  • Architecture for MBMC
  • Complex network theory for MBMC
  • Distributed control and collective behavior of MBMC systems
  • Interfaces between MBMC systems and conventional systems
  • Applications of MBMC systems
  • Design, engineering, and experiments of MBMC systems
  • Standardization of MBMC

Contact us

For inquiries on the ETI-MBMC’s activities, please contact the chair:Email_Nakano